Hello and welcome to EdTech Express! I’ve started this blog on the foundations of my personal interest with two things: technology, and education.

My name is Sunal, and I’m a secondary English teacher in Sydney. I love everything about teaching… but I hate paperwork. I can deal with rampart teens, rude parents, crazy colleagues, but my kryptonite is most definitely paperwork.

Luckily for me, education has moved so far away from the traditional means of learning. That is; sitting down, facing the front, copying off the overhead projector and then completing a worksheet. The ‘industrial’ age of education is over. FINALLY…

It isn’t perfect, but I suppose it has changed for the better in terms of what school is meant to provide for young students. We live in a world where technology drives innovation and success. Technical fluency is a prerequisite at any firm, business or organisation because we are all more connected more than ever. We are a tech-centric society, and we are embracing it when we teach our students how to thrive in this environment.

I am in love with this ideological shift because it makes my job that much more exciting. Classroom teaching is all about collaborative work and creative thinking. There are so many new and improved strategies out there as a result of the EdTech climate. Data can be recorded by classroom teachers like me, all student work can be monitored with a push of a button, and student-teacher communication has evolved like never before. This is truly a new age of education and will no doubt be a turning point in our history.

As a teacher and EdTech ‘enthusiast’, I want to be up-to-date and at the forefront of this shift.

So bookmark this blog whether you are a teacher, parent or student because I’ll be going through everything EdTech.

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