Educational Technology (or EdTech as it is now known as) has come a long way from what it once was. When considering that thousands of years ago information was passed down orally at first, then through written language for another few thousand years, you may regard our use of technology in the classroom today as ‘emerging’. It has only really began to manifest itself in the classroom in the last 20 – 30 years! However, it has proven to be one of the most effective tools for education in many ways, but I wanted to highlight a few here:

Prepares our Students for the Future

I don’t need to tell you that education isn’t the only industry that has taken a shining to technology and its usefulness. Every industry from energy to finance has integrated tech and its benefits from top to bottom in their organisation.

They’ve adapted to its qualities because it increases productivity, allows them to store data more efficiently, works well in presentations and the list can go on for days. But in education, whether it is K-12 or at a university level, it is preparing students to enter a world that thrives off of the skills that they can learn with practice.

It gives students a head start in digital literacy, online citizenship and even the chance to innovate in their respective fields… This is something we all are excited for; the chance to give students opportunity in the future.

Collaborative Focus

We know that the rise of the internet has allowed us to seamlessly connect with those who are hundreds and even thousands of miles away from us! We are part of a global society through the internet and technology, which has allowed us as a human race to thrive in this environment.

The same effect is apparent in the classroom. Students can seamlessly connect with each other to complete a multitude of tasks to an impeccable standard. Using EdTech, students have the opportunity to collaborate and learn collectively together, which enhances critical and creative thinking.

Differentiation and Creative Thinking

Speaking of… EdTech in the classroom has promoted critical and creative thinking like never before! Think about the amount of modes that a student could present their information. Why write boring novel studies anymore?

Why not create a podcast, news report, graphic poster or even an article about it! It allows students to stretch their imaginations and create content based on their own interests! When constructing tasks in this way, we as teachers are in fact differentiation through process and product, through the student’s interest. Is there anything EdTech can’t do?

Using today’s technology in the modern classroom, you allow students to think critically and creatively (the buzzwords in our curriculum), with the option of collaboration. All the while, preparing students with the skills and knowledge through digital literacy, collaborative practice and the option to learn at their own pace through differentiation.

If you find any EdTech unbelievers, make sure you share this post!

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